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Cheltenham Youth Club

Participate, play and find your potential

126 Woodlands Drive
Braeside 3195
Tel 03 9590 9300
Fax no fax

Rules of the Gym @ CYC


Dress Code - Girls

Leotard with or without bike shorts/leggings (over top of leotard)

Long hair must be tied back

Clean white socks for trampoline

No jewellery except small stud earings

Dress Code - Boys

Leotard or form fitting singlet

Bike shorts/gymnastics shorts - must be stretch material, no pockets

Long hair must be tied back

Clean white socks for trampoline

Ne jewellery except small stud earings


1. Gymnasts must wear correct training attire (see above)

2. Gymnasts, coaches and staff only on the floor

3. Gymnasts must wait for their coach before entering the floor area

4. No one is permitted on any equipment unless instructed by the coach

5. Gymnasts must listen to the coaching staff and do as instructed

6. Gymnasts must ask permission to leave a class for any reason

7. Shoes must be worm when entering and exiting the building and to the toilets

8. Gymnasts must be courteous at all times to oher gymnasts and coaches. Bullying will not be tolerated.

9. Gymnasts must bring a water bottle to every class

10. Siblings not in class must be supervised by parents at all times

11. Please do not bring any valuables to class, we will not be held accountable for any loss or damage