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Is today a Heat Policy Day?

Tuesday 19/12/17 - The 3pm temperture at Moorabbin airport is 36.6. All classes are cancelled today due to the heat policy.

Wednesday 13/12/17 - The 3pm temperature at Moorabbin airport is 36.1 All classes are cancelled today (and we are really sorry because it's the last week of term)

Thursday 30/11/17 - The 3pm temperature at Moorabbin airport is 34.7 and classes will run today/tonight. Classes will be modified to suit the conditions and all athletes must bring a drink bottle.

Wednesday 29/11/17 - The 3pm temperature at Moorabbin airport is 35.2 All classes are cancelled today.

Thursday 9/02/17 - The cool change has come through and all classes are running.

Wednesday 8/02/17 - All classes are running. Please make sure to bring a drink bottle.

CLICK HERE for Heat Policy information

Heat Policy days are taken when the Moorabbin Airport temperature on the Latest Weather Observations for the Melbourne Area page of the Bureau of Meteorology website is 35 or more at 3pm.

Please be aware that our Heat Policy is a guide only. Although classes may be running parents should also take into account any other activities their child have participated in on the day. The temperature inside the building if often warmer than the outdoors temperature.

Warm up is still an important part of class on hot days. Although the temperature is warm it does not mean the muscles are ready for gymnastics. Injury prevention is better than cure.