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Cheltenham Youth Club

Participate, play and find your potential

126 Woodlands Drive
Braeside 3195
Tel 03 9590 9300
Fax no fax

CYC - Who We Are

Who are we and what are we about?

CYC (Cheltenham Youth Club Incorporated) has approx 1000 registered gymnasts and employs 40 coaches.We have an ever increasing membership and have a growing involvement with schools, disabled groups and local sporting clinics.

The club has an active community role in a number of areas:

  • Olympic Winter Institute (downhill, aerial and mogul ski training)
  • Our coaching staff work with school and community groups teaching and implementing gymnastics programs for children of all ages.
  • We also assist schools and groups with children with special needs to enjoy the benefits of gymnastics such as motor control skills and co-ordination activities.

CYC is a not for profit incorporated organisation and was founded in 1956. The club is governed by a volunteer committee which is elected at an AGM each year. The current committee has a good mix of new and enthusiastic members aided by other who have 10 years or more involvement at the club.

Our Philosophy

Our mission is to promote both the physical and mental fitness of children and their families by providing a diverse set of activities and programs that encourage fun, fitness and personal achievement for children at every age and ability level.

Our philosophy would be best summarised in the following 6 core beliefs:

1. Safety - Keeping children, their families, and their coaches safe must always remain priority one.

2. Respect - Respect must be unconditional: respect for the kids, for their families, for the coaches, for the programs, and for the facility.

3. Cooperation and Teamwork - CYC is about everybody... and the vision is about a community... both can only be achieved in an environment of cooperation and teamwork.

4. Open Communication - Cooperation, trust, teamwork, and learning can only be achieved when there is open, honest and clear communication between everybody involved.

5. Growth and Learning - Growth and learning, being challenged and succeeding, accomplishing new things, improving physical and mental fitness, and achieving goals is what we're all about - that's what makes people happy and programs successful.

6. Fun - If we're not having fun, then we're doing something wrong... smiles, greetings, humor, praise, and enthusiasm are contagious... everybody should be spreading those around. Endless activity, creativity, and variety are essential.

Differences in style, personality, and choices are good things, but the above should be consistent for and from everybody.