Why Gymsports?

Gymsports are amongst the most fundamental and exciting of all physical activities, providing many benefits to a child’s growth and development.

Gymnastic skills develop attributes that are the perfect stepping stones for other sports and activities – flexibility, balance, strength, and agility. Through professional coaching children demonstrate progress in a number of key development areas.

Co-ordination – children develop a sense of balance, body awareness and co-ordinated movement.

Confidence – Skills are learned through progressions. This allows children to gain confidence with each step. The confidence gained in themselves carries over in to all aspects of their lives.

Goal Setting – The progressive nature of the sport teaches children the purpose and value of setting and achieving goals.

Discipline – This comes in two parts. In the gym there are rules for safety and these rules must be followed. The other part is self discipline. Children learn that in order to improve they must have self control and stay on task. The incentive for applying that discipline is fun and success.

Determination – Most skills take a number of tries to get them right and we encourage children to try again and work hard to achieve their goals. The great

Organisation – Physical training enhances a child’s ability to think logically, in order to progress the child is required to be organised, disciplined and focused on the task at hand