Parent Squad Information

Welcome to the Competitive Squad Program at CYC

Being part of a squad is a fun and rewarding experience and we thank you for committing your time and effort to provide this wonderful opportunity for your child.

Please find our parent squad information below. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact either your Coordinator.

WAG Coordinator –Sophie Norris –

TRP Coordiantor –Dani Robb –

Squad Terms and Conditions

Athletes accepting squad positions are subject to the following additional terms and conditions.


Training Uniform

All athletes are required to wear appropriate training attire to all classes. The gym can get quite warm in summer and equally cold in winter. Gymnasts are required to dress according to the weather conditions.

  • GIRLS –leotard with or without bike shorts/leggings over the top. Long hair must be placed back in a bun.
  • BOYS –leotard with gym shorts/gym longs or a close fitting singlet/t-shirt with gym shorts (no pockets, stretch fabric). If boys arrive in baggy singlets or t-shirts they will need to be tucked into their shorts. Long hair must be tied back neatly.
  • TRAMPOLINE –In addition to above athletes require clean white socks.
  • ALL –No jewellery, watches, fitbits or garmins, long hair tied back neatly. Named plastic drink bottlesare a must
  • Close fitting long sleeve tops are recommended for warm up in winter however, for safety reasons, NO HOODED JUMPERS.

GLOVES and LOOPS for Metal Bars

Our squad athletes require gloves and loops for training on the metal bar. A set of loops can be purchased from our gift shop for $10 and cotton gloves can be found in the cleaning aisle of your supermarket.

Squad Curriculum Days

All squads training twice a week or more will have one scheduled curriculum day per term. This is done to recognise the large amount of unpaid programming and planning done by our squad coaches without having to raise fees in order to do so. The club requires that the planning/programming is done by the coach before the commencement of each term, however the date of the actual curriculum day is left up the coach. In terms 1 and 4 the first heat policy day for the term will be considered the curriculum day.


Squad athletes must maintain a minimum 90% attendance rate for training sessions, with the exception of compulsory school camps.

A 100% attendance rate is required for all athletes in the two weeks prior to any competition, including across school holiday periods. Athletes who fail to meet this attendance rate may be removed from the competition due to safety reasons.

Holiday Training

Squad athletes are expected to attend holiday training during competition season, and to meet the above attendance commitment.

Holiday training bookings and payment are made via the parent portal. Holiday training is charged by the session at a rate of $10.80 per hour.


All athletes are required to commit to all training days and times as set for their squad. There is no flexibility to arrive late, leave early or change days.

All athletes are required to commit to all competitions set for their squad

Travel & Accommodation Costs

On occasions where coaches and judges are required to travel and stay overnightthe cost shall be divided equally among the gymnasts entered. This cost is additional to any competition fees and may not be known until the work order has been provided to the club.

Squad Parent Duty

Each squad is allocated one competition each year to provide all the volunteers required to run the event. This is a requirement of allsquad families at Cheltenham Youth Club.

Details of your allocated competition will be given out at the start of the year.

Retirement or Not Returning to Squad

Squad athletes retiring from the sport, or not returning, must give 4 weeks’ notice in writing. There is no fee reduction should athletes decide not to continue until the end of term.

Heat Policy

There will be no training if the temperature at Moorabbin Airport on the Bureau of Meteorology website is 35° or above at 3pm on the day of training. Make -up classes are offered in the first week of the school holidays if training is cancelled due to high temperatures. When classes are cancelled due to the heat policy in term 4 a credit will be applied to athletes accounts for the following year. Athletes not returning may receive a refund upon written request (see Fee Reduction and Refunds).

Private Lessons

Private lessons may be booked according to coach availability and must be booked and paid for through the office a minimum of 48 hours in advance. Cancellations require 24 hours’ notice otherwise payment will be forfeited.

Food and Drink

  • No food or drink is to be consumed within the gym or viewing area with the exception of water
  • CYC is a NUT and SEED free club.
  • All athletes must bring a plastic water bottle to every class. Water can be purchased from our vending machine if you forget.
    • Due to safety concerns athletes are not to use the kitchen unless in the company of a parent or staff member.

Classes that run for 3 or more hours will be given a quick snack break part way through the class. Athletes must bring a healthy snack that is NUT FREE i.e. fruit, vegetable sticks, light sandwich. Lollies, chips and chocolate are not appropriate.

Start and Finish Times

Warm up is a critical part of gymnastics and is essential to ensuring all gymnasts are physically and mentally prepared for their activity. Please ensure to arrive in time to participate in all warm up activities.

For safety reasons only gymnasts and staff are allowed into the gymnastics arena; parents may watch from the viewing room on the first floor.

Gymnasts are dismissed from class within the gym. Parents should pick up their children from the foyer area. Please come inside to pick up your child and please reinforce this behaviour by asking your child to wait inside for you. Children should be advised to contact the office or their coach if nobody arrives to pick them up.

Parents are to make sure their children are picked up promptly at the end of each class. Late pick-ups have an impact on our staff, such as delays in their trip home or they may have family or other commitments they are unable to meet. For children who are not picked up on time the following fees will apply:

$20 first 5–15 minutes

$20 each subsequent 15 minutes or part thereof

For pick-ups after the centre closing time the above fees will be doubled.

  • Any late pick up fee must be paid prior to the athletes next class.
  • Continual late pick-up may result in the athlete being unable to enrol in classes for the following term.


All squad athletes are expected to enter all competitions on the calendar unless prior arrangements have been made with your coach.

Full competition uniform is required for all athletes.

Competition Uniform

Squad athletes require full competition uniform for all competitions. The uniform comprisesof:

  • GIRLS –leotard, polo, tracksuit, backpack
  • BOYS –leotard, shorts, longs, polo, tracksuit, clean white socks, backpack
  • TRAMPOLINE –in addition to above clean white socks and DMT shoes,

Competition entry forms and payment are required by the due date or the athlete will not be entered into the competition. The CYC office are unable to process late entries and we can not chase parents for entry forms.

For squad gymnasts training twice a week or more competitions may be held in lieu of a training session. This is to ensure athletes are not run down or over tired during competition season.

Competitions at CYC

It is a condition of entry into our competitions that all CYC families help with either set up or pack up for the competition their child is entered into.

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  • Gymnasts must wear correct training attire.
  • Gymnasts, coaches and staff only on the floor and athlete waiting area.
  • Gymnasts must wait for their coach before entering the floor.
  • No one is permitted on any equipment unless instructed by their coach.
  • Gymnasts must listen to the coaching staff and do as instructed.
  • Gymnasts must ask permission to leave a class for any reason.
  • Shoes must be worn when entering and exiting the building and to the toilets.
  • Gymnasts must be courteous at all times to other gymnasts and coaches. Bullying will not be tolerated.
  • Gymnasts must bring a plastic water bottle to every class.
  • Siblings not in class must be supervised by parents at all times.
  • Please do not bring any valuables to class, we will not be held accountable for any loss or damage.