Training Uniform

All athletes are required to wear appropriate training attire to all classes. The gym can get quite warm in summer and equally cold in winter. Gymnasts are required to dress according to the weather conditions.

  • GIRLS – leotard with or without bike shorts/leggings over the top. Long hair must be placed back in a bun.
  • BOYS – leotard with gym shorts/gym longs or a close fitting singlet/t-shirt with gym shorts (no pockets, stretch fabric). If boys arrive in baggy singlets or t-shirts they will need to be tucked into their shorts. Long hair must be tied back neatly.
  • TRAMPOLINE – In addition to above athletes require clean white socks.
  • ALL – No jewellery, watches or fitbits, long hair tied back neatly, must bring a drink bottle.
  • Close fitting long sleeve tops are recommended for warm up in winter however, for safety reasons, NO HOODED JUMPERS.

Competition Uniform

Squad athletes require full competition uniform for all competitions. The uniform comprises:

  • GIRLS – leotard, polo, tracksuit, CYC backpack
  • TRAMPOLINE – in addition to above clean white socks and DMT shoes.

GLOVES and LOOPS for Metal Bars

Our squad athletes require gloves and loops for training on the metal bar. A set of loops can be purchased from our gift shop for AUD$10 and cotton gloves can be found in the cleaning aisle of your supermarket.