Afternoon Classes

If the temperature at Moorabbin Airport reaches 35° or more at 3pm we will cancel all classes. Members can track the current temperature at Moorabbin Airport on the Bureau of Meteorology website. www.bom.gov.au

If the temperature rises above 35° after 3pm we will still run classes and training will be modified to suit the conditions.

If the temperature is 35° or above at 3pm but a cool change comes in and the temperature drops by 4pm classes will remain cancelled.

Junior Gymnastics Classes

All Junior Gymnastics classes will run as usual unless we experience excessive heat early in the day.

Saturday Classes

CYC will monitor the weather forecast for weekend training. If the temperature is expected to reach 35° during class times we will cancel classes as needed. These classes will be contacted in advance.

Parents should monitor the temperature at Moorabbin Airport (Bureau of Meteorology website www.bom.gov.au) on hot days and should accompany children into the gym to ascertain if classes are running.

If we are cancelling classes we will advertise this by 3.15pm on the Heat Policy page of the CYC website www.cyc.net.au, our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cheltenham-Youth Club/142847045732130 and we will email those members attending on that day.

When classes are cancelled due to the heat policy a make up token will be allocated to your child’s account, this may be used to attend the same class type on another day. Where there is only one class of that type available per week a make up class will be offered in the school holidays. When classes are cancelled in term 4 a credit will be applied for the following year. Athletes not returning may receive a refund upon written request.

Squad Make Ups – In terms 1 and 4 the first heat policy day will be considered the Curriculum Day for that squad.

Parents know their children best. The temperature inside the gym can sometimes exceed the outdoor temperature. In addition to the CYC Heat Policy parents should consider their child’s ability to cope with the heat and what other activities they have participated in that day. If a parent decides not to bring their child on a day when classes are running, they will not be entitled to a make up or credit/refund.