Special Events

CYC Gymsports offer many different and exciting events and activities throughout the year. Please see below for more information

CYC Themed Weeks

During one week of each term CYC hold a themed week to celebrate the term of hard work! A great chance to dress up the gym and dress up with your class mates!

CYC Games Nights

Games nights include 2 to 3 hours of structured team games and supervised freeplay.

CYC Sleepover and Movie Night

Once a year CYC hold a movie night and sleepover, create your own forts with your friends for a comfy night’s sleep in your favourite gym!

Squad Presentation Event

Held at an external venue in November this event celebrates the efforts and achievements of our competitive athletes.

Recreational Annual Event

In December each year, we hold our annual event for recreational athletes. This may be  in the form of a display day or skills spectacular to showcase and celebrate the hard work athletes have put in over the year and show off to their parents!

Other Special events

Keep your eyes peeled here for any other special events that may occur throughout the year!