As athletes are currently unable to train with us due to the temporary club closure to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, we thought we would introduce an Athletes Page. This page will have both physical and creative activities to keep our minds and bodies healthy. You can choose from CYC Creative and CYC Challenge activities. Have fun!

CYC Coach Guess Who?!

Can you match the photos of our CYC Superstar Coaches from when they were younger to photos of them now?

We would love to see your attempts by emailing your worksheets to or sharing them with us our social media.

Worksheet 1

Worksheet 2

Worksheet 3


Design a Leotard or Singlet

We are looking at introducing a CYC recreational training leotard and singlet, we would love to see your design ideas.

Colour your design and email it to

Design a Leotard

Design a Singlet



Colouring can be fun and relaxing, enjoy one of these gymsports themed colouring pages

Gymnastics Colouring Page


Gymsports Puzzles

Have a go at these CYC Gymsports themed puzzles

CYC Strength Challenge

Try the Spell Your Name Strength Challenge. Make sure you have plenty of space and that you modify the program to suit your own abilities. Keep your water bottle close by too!

CYC Spell Your Name Strength Workout

Body Shape Challenge