Trampolining (TRP)

Competitive Program

Our squad trampoline classes train athletes in preparation for competitions. We enter local, state and national championships through to international events such as the World Championships and Youth Olympics. These athletes train between 5 and 12 hours per week in three disciplines. Trampoline, Double Mini Trampoline and Synchronised Trampoline, where a team of two execute the same routine.

CYC have enjoyed much success at competitions over the years. Our highly qualified and experienced coaches provide a high standard of training and they work with individuals to reach their personal goals.

Competitive gymsports require commitment and dedication from both athletes and their families. It can be a demanding sport but the rewards are long lasting.

Our TRP competitive program is by invite only.

For further information regarding our TRP Competitive Program and selection process please contact the club.

Our Competitive Squad Parent Information can be found here